Chaoyang Acrobatic Show Beijing

Chaoyang Theatre is located to the east third ring road of Beijing, connected with the Jinguang Building (which is the highest building of the past 20 years) and CCTV tower. And its advantageous geographical position, together with easy access to transportation and individualized space, make it an important performance venue to fuel the business life in Beijing. Foreigners can learn Beijing culture here too. Chaoyang Theatre has built up a platform which introduces traditional Chinese culture to the world.

In the past 20 years or so, it has received more than three million foreign audiences and has been in charge of tens of safeguards of important people who visited there, such as the president of the Czech Republic and the officers from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Nowadays Chaoyang Theater has the Flying Acrobatic Show every day!

Chaoyang Theatre mainly focuses on performing acrobatics. The theatre covers an area of 3,000 square meters and houses three movie halls in total. In order to meet the need of the tourism market, the theatre put forward a notion of “Acrobatics World” to enrich the offerings.


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